Novak were...
David Gerrard keyboards, percussion
Jeremy Hepburn guitar
Kirsten Morley bass
Philip Robinson drums
Jane Smith guitar
Tamsin Snell flute, harmonica etc
Adele Williams vocals, glockenspiel

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I haven't updated this page for a long time, though I'm keeping it around for historical reasons. And I'm sorry, but I don't know where you can get a copy of "Rapunzel".

Pictures of Novak: mine and others'.

Demo version of Rapunzel (mp3, 4.8MB)
at SR's site

[Silver Seas sleeve]

Silver Seas/Schmaltz
Earworm 7" WORM2
November 1996

[Rapunzel sleeve]

Rapunzel/Almost Chinook
Kitty Kitty Corportaion 7" CHOOSY007
April 1997

[Alpine Assignment sleeve]

Alpine Assignment EP
Telesphore, Happenstance, Ultra Sheer, Telesphere
Kitty Kitty Corporation 12"/CD CHOOSY009
October 1997

[Boy Scouts sleeve]

Boy Scouts of America/Still Seas
Kitty Kitty Corporation 7" CHOOSY12
June 1998

[Will Our Children... CD inlay]

"Peggy's Well"
on Will Our Children Thank Us
Foundry Recordings CD FR002CD
March 1999

[Blue Chinook sleeve]

Blue Chinook/Peggy's Well (Mild)
Kitty Kitty Corporation 7" CHOOSY15
March 1999

[Album sleeve]

Lord of the World, Fruit Cooler, Burning Hoof, Cross Purposes, Blue Chinook, Boyscouts of America, By Peggy's Well, Havana (where she was)
Kitty Kitty Corporation LP/CD CHOOSY016
Hidden Agenda records CD AHA!008
April/May 1999

[John Peel]

John Peel Session
Hotter is Faster, Lord of the World, Relief Rain, Peggy's Well
BBC Radio One broadcast
April 1999

[Tell-tale Signs... CD inlay]

"Silver Seas"
on The Tell-Tale Signs of Earworm
Earworm double CD WORM43
May 1999

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